Japanese Location-Based Service Colopl Sells Special Card With Pro-Baseball Ticket

Colopl [J] is planning to implement the sports game watching “Pro Baseball! Colopl Series” [J] to link with their cell phone geo-location game “Koroni-na Seikatsu” (Colony Life).  This will be their first attempt to collaborate with professional sports.  The “Pro Baseball! Colopl Series” is for sales of special Colopl Card linked game tickets for 16 planned matches (September 2, 2011 – October 9) of pro baseball Central League regular season games at Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium sponsored by Tokyo Yakult Swallows [J].
Users subscribe to special Colopl Card linked tickets, and by entering the serial number printed on the back of the card into “Colony Life,” acquire restricted items that can be used within the game.  The special Colopl card and items’ original design perfectly fit the pro baseball theme, and as planned, Colopl users can also enjoy watching baseball as a fan.
Below is Tokyo Yakult Swallows player Aoki Norichika’s [J] comment from the company press release:
“With this plan, of course we expect the regular comers, as well as guests who don’t often come to the baseball stadium to watch our games.  To make the best of this, we would be very happy to see many more people realize the enjoyment of coming to watch baseball at the stadium.”
Colony Life☆ PLUS Official Guidebook 2011 [J]
Original article on VSMedia [J]

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