Allez Cuisine! “Iron Chef For GREE New Challengers” – Kitchen Stadium Goes Social

Fuji Television with GREE [J] and Synphonie have announced that they will offer the GREE feature phone version of the popular TV show “Ryouri no Tetsujin (Iron Chef)” as a social game, “Iron Chef for GREE New Challengers.” [J]
Fuji Television with GREE and Synphonie are jointly planning the design for “Iron Chef for GREE New Challengers,” which will become the first feature phone offering of a social game by GREE.
The game will emulate the progress of the familiar chefs, Michiba Rokusaburo, Hiroyuki Sakai, and Chen Kenichi who appear on the program.  Users, in their own restaurants, stock up on ingredients, do food preparation, improve their cooking skills while serving customers, and acquire many types of cuisine to achieve the right to challenge as an Iron man.  The frequent showdowns on TV kitchen stadiums reappear in the game, where users naturally think up and prepare food to match the theme, are evaluated by judges for points, and can get rare items as prizes.  Also, with competitions between users and teaming up to make delicious cuisine, the communication factor characteristic of social games is included.

original article on VSMedia [J]

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