Japan’s Daily Coupon Market: Is Groupon About To Lose Its Top Position To Ponpare?

Japan’s market for daily coupon services is heating up. It has been pretty much a two-horse race for months now, with Groupon Japan as the top player in the market and Recruit’s Ponpare as a close second.
In April, for example, Groupon Japan was estimated to have racked up $18.6 million in sales, while Ponpare is said to have generated $14.5 million in the same month.
But according to coupon search service CP4U, Ponpare has made about as much money as Groupon Japan last month. In fact, the difference between the two sites has never been smaller, after Ponpare doubled it sales from 858 million yen to 1.64 billion yen from May to June.
Groupon, however, still sits on the No. 1 position in Japan daily coupon market (sales in June: 1.65 billion yen). Compared to Groupon and Ponpare, other players barely play a role:

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