Attempted Rapist Arrested By Browsing His Mixi Profile On The Victim’s Cellphone

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Sankei reports [J] that Kanagawa prefectural police arrested a 19 yo university student in Yokohama on June 16 for attempted rape.
The boy raided a flat of 20 years old victim, an university student, through an non-locked front door around 21:30. Just before waking her up to threat, he used the victim’s cellphone, logged-on Mixi and – amazingly carelessly – browsed HIS profile page.
# Many Japanese mobile web services including Mixi provides so-called “Kantan Roguin”(“easy log-in”), which authenticates you by your cellphone unique ID so it is doable, unless you lock your phone.
The girl resisted the rape attempt and managed him to run away. Then, the reported police could find this suspect from her Mixi’s browsing history.
It has not been reported why he checked Mixi first of all things, or if those two knew each other before.

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