Bukupe: Might A Book Curation Site Be Alternative To Skim-Reading?

City dwellers are busy every day.   They don’t have much time for reading books.   E-books make you possible to enjoy reading without stopping by at bookstores.   Skim reading, speed reading, anything else?
Bukupe[J], named after ‘book encyclopedia’, just unveiled a book curation service on Friday, which allows you to write abstracts for books you’ve read and share them with other users online.   If someone purchases any book via your abstracts, Amazon Affiliate rewards will be given to you.   Since next month, you will be also able to profit from pay-per-click ads placed on your abstract pages.
The company organizes a book club twice a month, where a popular book author is invited as a guest reader and presenter.  Their first club is planned to take place in Sangen-jaya, Tokyo next Saturday.
Similar to the service, in 2009, Asiajin co-founder Akky introduced a service for recording and sharing your book reading experiences via Twitter, which is called Yonda4[J] (Japanese) or I’vread (English).

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