Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Starts Twitter

Following to the Prime Minister Office’s English account on 16th and Tokyo Electric Power Co.(TEPCO) on 17th, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force(JGSDF) begins to tweet on @JGSDF_pr.

The first 4 tweets on Mar 21 are,

  • reported opening of account for PR. asked to follow.
  • many personnel are now sent to the disaster area, and FAX messages (instruction link) will be forwarded to them.
  • with a link to photo gallery page and asked people to know about their activities
  • apologized that their website is down by traffic rush

Different from the government and TEPCO case, JGSDF, who have been a lot of saving lives, is rather praised than criticized by media. But anyway, all of these main actors around this time disaster seem to think they need to have a direct channel besides press.

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