2channel Founder’s 10 Million Yen Donation Rejected By Groupon Japan

Groupon Japan, local operator of successful digital coupon company Groupon, which drew cold stares by the new year’s trouble, was one of the fast web companies who started the earthquake victims saving program.
Their “matching gift” donation collected 100 million yen by March 20th, and Groupon Japan added their own 100 million yen on top of it, and they plan to donate it to Japan Red Cross, the page said.
Hiroyuki Nishimura, a founder of 2channel and a thought leader of Japanese anonymous web, on 13th(two days after the earthquake) tweeted to ask if any company running the matching gift donation accept his 10 million yen donation. He donated about the same amount at Niigata earthquake in 2006.
Groupon Japan’s staff @mariroom approached him on Twitter reply. Nishimura then asked if there is a way for him to confirm the donation is really executed from outside. @mariroom said yes, then asked to discuss in private.
What were discussed was not disclosed by both sides, but at the end, Nishimura reported that his offer was rejected by Groupon Japan.
After the rejection, Nishimura asked the same idea to DMM.com, who runs a popular online paid movie service and a competing coupon service. DMM’s president Matsue answered that it is difficult because the DMM’s donation campaign budget is already set, and offered he himself would donate the same amount privately.
Here is the uploaded receipt of the two persons’ donation 20,002,525 yen. The odd price 2,525 yen was by Nishimura, which has the same sound of Nico Nico, a brand name of popular movie sharing service Nico Nico Douga, which he advises.

via News Tokuhou

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