Mark Zuckerberg Look-alike Japanese Comedian

When something’s the topic of the moment, anything about it can become big news. Here we go, Facebook news again.
Japanese comedian Shigeo Takahashi (photos on Google Image Search), a member of the manzai-style stand-up comedy duo Savanna [J], made special appearances prior to the show of “The Social Network” movie in Tokyo because he bears a striking resemblance to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
On the show, Takahashi discussed [J] how like Zuckerberg he was a nerd in junior high school, and said that if he ever managed to meet Zuckerberg, they would probably click right away and he’d take him out for a bite to eat. Takahashi plans to register his profile on Facebook soon, then bleach his hair to look even more like Zuckerberg (which he
hadn’t done at the time of his pre-screening appearance!)
Takahashi’s Twitter account is @shigeo0128, and he currently has over
Besides being a comedian, Takahashi has been a voice actor for a kids program on public TV NHK, as well as for the British animation Angry Kids [J] too.
via Oricon via @otsune
(proofread by Adam Walls)

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