English, Please: Social Gaming Giant GREE Seeks To Hire International Staff

Tokyo-based mobile social gaming juggernaut GREE (22 million users, US$3 billion market cap) seems to intensify its international efforts. As announced by CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka back in June last year, big G has recently opened an office in the US after having made an investment in Singapore-based mobile social network mig33.
But Tanaka also said his company will hire additional staff to drive internationalization, and that’s what it is trying to do right now: last week, GREE set up a special job section on their official website. And by the looks of it, they are looking for quite a lot of internationally minded people, as the list includes engineers, smartphone developers, HR managers, PR people, designers, and many more.
Following a tweet by Tanaka (who intends “to build a global company from scratch”), GREE added open positions in business development in Europe, Asia Pacific, China, and other regions today.
The company says that it expects all applicants to have good English skills and that commanding other languages, especially Chinese and European languages, is a plus. According to the website, future employees must be willing to go on overseas business trips and to work in local subsidiaries outside Japan if needed.
What’s interesting is that the whole site for international jobs is in Japanese – there is no single piece of information on job opportunities at GREE available in English.

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  1. For their sake, I hope they hire some native English speakers for their ‘international’ PR/marketing team… though the Japanese-only recruitment page doesn’t bode well.

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