Virtual Social Dating Game For Ladies To Cheat Your Virtual Fiance

Kakeochi(Elopement in Japanese) (URL, only available on Japanese feature phone) is a new social game by Index Corp. on Japan’s No.1 social networking service Gree. In the game, you play a female university student, who has a fiance elected by parents. One day you attend a high-school alumni association party, and meet 5 attractive guys, classmates and trainee teacher in your high-school age.

Among those and the fiance, you will be in several situations ruffle your feelings. Your play will be also affected by cooperating and interfering with other game players.
The goal of the game is to reach a happy ending with any of characters.

You go out with, talk and sometimes let your target jealous by talking with other guys, to gain game points, make special events happened. You will also receive e-mail from them.
As always for Gree, the game is “basically free”. You will find many paid items to speed up your gaming experience during play.
Index says that the game is targeting “mature women”. I wish for them that many of mature women will want to make love affair with virtual boyfriends on cellphone during their train commute.
via Index’s press release [J]

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