DeNA Exports Mobage In Alliance With Samsung

Yesterday issue of The Japan Times, on my monthly article I reported two social gaming network giants DeNA(Mobage Town) and Gree competition.

And the competition between the two rivals is set to continue beyond their desire to be Japan’s leading social network as both companies are seeking another growth possibility — international markets.

In the afternoon, DeNA had shown their new big move to the world. Bring their “Mobage” brand on smartphones to oversea [J], pre-set the Mobage platform on Samsung Androids globally [J].
For detail, Dean Takahashi wrote up on these two press release on VentureBeat.

DeNA and Ngmoco will launch global mobile social network, starting with Samsung phones | VentureBeat

DeNA has been trying U.S. market with Minination. Their flagship social game Kaitou Royal’s English version Bandit Nation on Facebook was shut down this July.

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