Mixi Releases Android App

Mixi, Japan’s leading social network, already offers a decent mobile web site for smartphone users (Mixi Touch, which was launched in September). And today, the company finally announced an app for Android users (you can pretty much forget their much older iPhone app).
The new app makes it possible to use Mixi’s main features, including Mixi Voice (Mixi’s Twitter-like function), Mixi Photo, or Mixi Check (which works like “Share” on Facebook), and others on Android phones.
Here are two screenshots (click to enlarge):

The new Mixi app is available for download from the Android market today (or scan the QR code below):


    1. Currently Mixi is not invitation-based like when it began. Anyone can register by themselves even from iPhone/Android but you need an e-mail address of Japanese carriers(Docomo/KDDI au/Softbank Mobile). That means, you need to access from Japanese carriers’ cellphone in Japan.

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