Breaking: Japan FTC Conducts Investigation On DeNA(Mobage-Town)

Kyodo reports [J] (11:08) that DeNA, who runs one of Japan’s largest mobile social networking Mobage-Town, is subjected to an on-site investigation by Japan Fair Trade Commission(JFTC).
DeNA was rumored to ask their third-party game application providers not to provide games for Gree.
[Update] Nikkei follows [J] (11:13) with more detail. It says that the investigation is for unfair business practices, on forcing third-parties to make exclusive contract with DeNA.
DeNA and Gree have been in severe competition, on number of users, games ideas/themes/copyrights, hiring, etc.
JFTC approved Yahoo! Japan and Google search alliance last week, which had been objected by some of their competitors.
[Update 13:36] Bloomberg followed (12:43) Nikkei news.
[Update] DeNA COO Isao Moriyasu canceled his session in the afternoon at Infinite Venture Summit, Kyoto, Japan. Half a day later, CEO Tomoko Namba appeared on a session at LeWeb, Paris, France.

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