Ahhh! Girls Give You Virtual Candy On iPad

Halls Eater is a free iPhone/iPad app to promote Halls candy. The app is developed by Kamakura-based Kayac Inc (Asiajin). The app seems English/Japanese bilingual.
You can move your two fingers like your lips biting the virtual candy given by one of four beautiful Japanese talents.

Participating Talent (in order of appearance in app)
・ Rei Kawashima (Miss Young Magazine 2010):
Say “Ahhh,” fed by this lovely-dovey babe.
・ Izumi Hinata (Readers’ Special Award 2010):
Say “Ahhh,” fed by this naughty lovely.
・ Haruka Tachibana (Judges’ Special Award 2010):
Say “Ahhh,” fed by this familiar Tsundere*.
・ Fumika Shimizu (Miss Shukan Shonen Magazine 2010):
Say “Ahhh,” fed by this vivacious junior fellow.
*Tsundere: Describes a person who is initially cold and hostile, gradually warms over time.

It should be easy to know how it works by watching this amazing fan-made movie,

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