Granny’s Maid Cafe Rottenmeier Opens For A Month In Ikebukuro

Not only in the holy land Akihabara, but everywhere in Tokyo you see maid cafe. When market is competitive, some tries to be unique like in the geeky BSD daemon motif [J], dressing up in boys cloths [J], etc. Generally those shops feature youthfulness and cuteness.
Ikebukuro Keizai Shimbun reported that a new variation of maid cafe, Grandma’s Maid Cafe Rottenmeier [J] opened at Festival Tokyo in Ikebukuro.

Inspired by Clara’s strict housekeeper from “Heidi, Girl of the Alps“, all the waiters/dancers of the “Cafe Rottenmeier” are “granny maids”! They have been selected through an open recruitment process seeking people who “see themselves as grannies”.

29 granny maids, whose age are from 24 to 77 (Is 24 yo really adequate for granny maid?), will serve with custome-made dress, wig and make-up in 19 century European style, so are table cloth, plates and utensils.

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