Chrome Music Mixer – Google Japan Lets You Mix “Happy Birthday”

Google Japan launches a new service “Chrome Music Mixer” [J] to promote Google Chrome browser.
# may only play inside Japan
You may choose four tracks of music video from a lot of prepared sessions, let them play on four YouTube windows.
Step 1: choose the main track from five – telephone talk, steel pans, string quartet, human beatbox and bluesharp

Step 2: choose the rest three tracks from 17 choices from regular instruments like guitar/drums/flute/keyboard/etc. to skateboard, baloons, rice-frying sound.

Step 3: Name it, then play!
Here is my Asiajin mix “Happy Birthday” with human beatbox, baloons, skateboard and fried rice making sound.
Caution: As Google Japan says, it is recommended to play the four-YouTube music with over 20 Mbps bandwidth, Flash Player version 10 on major browsers.
The service is on, which promotes Google services to Japanese users with videos.

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