Part Time Jobs Site Introduces Video Resume logo is a Japanese jobs site which is specialized for part time jobs listing. top page
Recently they added a new feature on which job-seekers can send a video pitch to companies.
taking video pitch on cellphone, send it to a hiring company
You can send your self-taking job interview movie from your cellphone or PC, if the employer’s job post has any of these requests:

  • decide hiring only by the movie
  • using the video as a first screening
  • video submission exempts documentary elimination
  • video submitters get job notification in priority

There are many “samples” on the site.

You are encouraged to appeal your passion, show your creations with you for a creative job, show your coordinates for a sales job in apparel store.
In Japan, it is common to write your age, gender, nationality, family situation, etc. on resume. Attaching your photo on resume is also widely done. Video resume seems as an extension of them, for employers to select part-timer quickly.

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