[Update 2] First Offline, Now Unstable: Japan’s No. 1 Social Network Mixi In Trouble

August 12, 11.30am: Mixi just issued a press release saying the service is back up. Apparently, Mixi had serious Memcached server trouble.
Mixi seems to have serious problems. As of August 11, 7.15pm Japanese time, the site is still down after it was accessible again for a few hours (as reported below).
Here’s the message all Mixi users trying to log in currently see (“no access possible at this point”, “your data is safe”, “please wait a while”/click to enlarge):

Original article:
Mixi (Japan’s leading social network) isn’t really known to get into serious technical trouble. But yesterday at 5.20 pm, the site unexpectedly went down for all users. I myself had no luck when I tried to access my account at 7pm and was shown the “Please wait a while to be able to access our site again”-message below instead (click to enlarge).

Mixi down page

At around 11pm yesterday, Mixi COO Aki Harada tweeted that the service reached 100% connectivity again, but Mixi just issued another press release according to which Mixi is still unstable (even though it is still back up). The company also says it’s currently working on bringing things to normal and that all personal data is safe. Mixi doesn’t disclose what caused the trouble.
This wouldn’t even make the news if Mixi was Twitter, but Mixi is usually always accessible without any problems, which is why the Mixi news even made it to Yahoo Japan’s top page yesterday (Yahoo Japan is by far the country’s biggest website).
On the bright side, Mixi last week reported (financial report/English PDF) that it added one million users since announcing 20 million accounts back in April this year.

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