How Do The Venusians See The Earth’s Cyberculture?

JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will launch the venus climate orbiter named “Akatsuki” meaning dawn in Japanese this morning.   It will be launched at 6:58:22 a.m. on Friday in J.S.T. or 21:58:22 p.m. on Thursday in U.T.C.    The scene of the orbiter’s launch will be streamcast live on several major video networks.

Video source: ANN News on YouTube[J]
Meanwhile, the orbiter will also carry three small plates having the pictures of Japanese vocaloid character Hatsune Miku(see these Asiajin stories for her details) illustrated by her 14,000 fans with a collection of their 260,000 messages sent from all around the world.
Promotion video produced for collecting amateur illustration and signatures:

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