DeNA Reports USD100M On Quarterly Profit; They To Focus On Social App Business

Last Friday, Tokyo-based mobile game platform developer and game publisher DeNA announced the company’s quarterly consolidated financial result ended March 2010, which shows us good figures like USD200M in the net sales (81% increase compared to that of last year) and almost USD100M in the operating profit (240% increase compared to that of last year). “Emerging growth of social app-related sales have been pushing them up.”, the company’s CEO & founder Tomoko Namba says.
DeNA started distributing social game apps made by themselves on their game platform called “Mobage-Town[J]” last October, and the company has set the platform open to 59 game publishers since last January. 148 game titles are available on the platform as of March 2010.
The company also announced it would invest USD28M in a fund which focuses on incubating tech start-ups who have been developed social media. The fund is worth USD33M in its entire assets, that’s why they will share approx. 85% of it.
They expect to develop more game apps for Mixi Mobile which can be considered a DeNA’s competitive game platform, and are aiming at building up social game platforms targeting consumers in the Western countries and Mainland China as well.
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