Giving Characters To Camera Fits Anime Fans’ Taste?

Cerevo[J], the Akihabara-based tech start-up and manufacturer of the Internet-enabled home appliances, started the sales of the spin-off version of the company’s hot-selling camera CEREVO CAM yesterday.   The version is called Cerevot, and it has an embedded speech synthesizer that can make it speak something when you release the shutter or turn the flash on.   Available at the company’s online store for 22,222 yen, which is equaled to USD240.
There are two options of black or white as the version.  The white one lets you hear the voice of “Iizu Share” performed by voice actress Haruka Tomatsu[J], and the black one is ‘”Ageru Oto” performed by Norio Wakamoto[J].   The company’s president Takuma Iwasa says, “People who love gadgets and home appliances are very close to anime fans in terms of their tastes.   This trial personifying our product by using characters is intended for hooking their interest.”

White type: Iizu Share performed by Haruka Tomatsu

Black type: Ageru Oto performed by Norio Wakamoto
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