Nikkei Officially Announced Its Digital Version With 4,000 Yen Per Month

As we reported the leaked info last month, Japan’s industrial newspaper Nikkei Shimbun (Nikkei is abbreviation of Nihon Keizai = Japan’s economy) is to begin their paid online version since March 23rd 2010.

The service name is “The Nihon Keizai Shimbun Digital Version”, nicknameed “Web-Kan”. This “Kan” means “publish” in Japanese.
As rumoured, the subscription fee is 4,000 yen (44.3 USD). If you are reading paper version (4,383 yen), you only need another 1,000 yen and can read both paper and digital version total in 5,383 yen (59.7 USD).
Mobile pages for Japanese cellphone are also provided, included.

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