Flying Panty Ornithopter Merchandised

One of the top Japanese internet-buzzed movie in 2009 was an funny ending of Anime “Sora no Otoshimono”(Thing fallen from the sky) episode 2. If it is your first time watching, you will be stunned. (NSFW?)

The beautiful lyrical song is from 1974’s golden oldie “Misaki Meguri” (Cape excursion).
Inspired by this, a science-fictioneer Housuke Nojiri gave substance to this flying party. He made an ornithopter with the shape of scanty underware. He wrote “If panty flies, the world will be a peaceful place” [J].

Tokyo-based Questioners, who made “panty eyeglass cleaner cloth” and “Girls’ swimsuit cellphone cover“, offered to collaborate with the novelist and made 1,000 of this flying panty ornithopter kit.
On coming March 6th, “Sorafes”(Sky Festival, English info available) will be held, for hundreds of hobbyist gather to let those panties or another models fly over Akihabara.

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