[Update: recording now available] January 20: Ustream discussion panel “Social Media Predictions 2010”

Quick announcement for a Ustream event that’s going to take place this week:
Tokyo-based Beat Communication, widely regarded as being one of the pioneers in the Japanese social network industry, is organizing a discussion panel (in Japanese) on the development of “social media” in 2010. Beat Communication CEO Ryo Murai asked me to be one of the panelists, and I said yes.
The recording of the event is now available here.
Here’s the discussion in full:

The discussion will be streamed live on Ustream on January 20 (Wednesday), and here are the details:
Discussion topic:
Social Media Predictions 2010

Date and time:
January 20 (Wednesday), 20.30-21.30 Japanese time

Specific areas of discussion:
1) How will social networks develop in the future?
2) How will streaming develop in the future?
3) What will happen in the social application space?
4) How will the smart phone industry develop in the future?
5) How will Japanese politics and Internet change in the future?
6) Which social media services will be hot in 2010?
Toshiaki Kanda
Kanda News Network (http://knn.typepad.com/knn/)
Twitter account http://twitter.com/knnkanda
Hideo Yamazaki
Knowledge Management Forum (http://bizplus.nikkei.co.jp/genre/eigyo/rensai/yamazaki.cfm)
Jonny Li
Beat Communication Evangelist
Twitter account http://twitter.com/JonnyLi
Ryo Murai (support)
Beat Communication CEO
Twitter account http://twitter.com/BeatComm
Takashi Obara (translator)
Beat Communication Research Engineer
and myself.
The discussion will be held in Japanese. If you have time this Wednesday evening, please make sure to tune in.

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