iPhone Final Fantasy Targets Oversea Market

Square Enix, who holds two best selling Japanese role playing game series, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, announced on Facebook their Final Fantasy I and II are being ported to iPhone/iPod Touch.

In Japanese cellphone market, Square Enix has been offering downloadable early Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Mobile [J] on three major carriers offered the first Final Fantasy in 2004 (2006 for Softbank Mobile. original in 1987), Final Fantasy II in 2005 (original in 1988), Final Fantasy IV in 2009 (2010, last week, for Softbank Mobile).
Final Fantasy II for Docomo i-mode was even bundled for Panasonic cellphone P901i in 2005.

So Final Fantasy I, II and now IV are all playable on most of Japanese cellphone. Now Square Enix is targeting growing smart phone iPhone to cover 99% of cellphones in Japan. But this also means they are to sell the game not only isolated Japanese cellphone market but also to the world.

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