Yahoo China Closes Online Photo Album, Users Are Ready To Sue Against It

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Yahoo! China[C] shut down its online photo album service last Thursday, and it hit tens of thousands of Chinese people using the service.    The users are blaming and demanding to get their photos back to their hands, Beijing Daily[C] reports.
The service was believed to be provided permanently for free, but it was closed in the beginning of last month.   That means an enormous number of the users have lost their precious memories at that time, they have no back up of the data since Yahoo China announces it as a permanent service.
Yahoo! China has set up an e-mail address for receiving the user’s request to give their photos back, but too many requests seem to cause the delay in responding, which angers the users further.    Lawyer Zhang Zhifeng (张志峰) from Unitalen Attorneys at Law(北京汇佳律师事务所) says, “Yahoo China will have to accept the criticism that they should have reminded the users of the announcement much earlier and more thoroughly.   The company will be responsible for the trouble.”
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