Shueisha And MS To Start Distributing Dragon Ball For WinMo In Japan, U.S. And Europe

WindowsPhone Logo
Microsoft Japan announced yesterday that it would launch Windows Marketplace for Mobile in Japan next month.   The company already started the service in the U.S. last month.   Similarly to Apple’s AppStore and Google’s Android Market, mobile software developers will have opportunities to sell their application titles to Windows Mobile(WinMo) users all around the world.   As of this writing,  30 game app developers including Capcom, Konami and Prope[J] announced they would provide WinMo game apps at the market.

Plus, Tokyo-based long-standing comic publisher Shueisha[J] also tied up with Microsoft and announced the publisher would start distributing the well-known comic title Dragon Ball for Windows Mobile Phones in Japan, the U.S. and Europe in the beginning of next year.   The two companies are now working on developing collaboration services to engage more consumers, and they plan to introduce specially designed Internet Explorer tool bar and Windows desktop wallpapers featuring Shueisha’s cartoon characters.
DragonBall on WindowsMobile
Dragon Ball on Windows Phone   (c)Copyright Shueisha and Bird Studio

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