Buddhist Sutra Chanting Distribution On Cellphone

Ryoho-ji Temple [J], located at west suburb of Tokyo, is known on the web as its “Moe“-based proselytization.
This time the chief priest Nakazato, a person of ideas, introduced new mobile movie service.
After purchasing a pre-paid card, user can read QR-code on its back and access to the movie on which Nakazato chanting Buddhist sutra “Nanmyouhourengekyou Nyoraijyuryouhon Daijyuroku Jikage” (It’s not a Japanese but mantra. The priest explains it means “Budda is always with you”).
The movie QR-Code is protected by QT-Card system [J], so it is accessible only by the first person scanned the 2D barcode, and the movie cannot be copied to other’s cellphone.

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