ReTweeter! – Measure The Popularity Of Your Tweets

Takako Kansai, a developer working at User Local,Inc.[J] has released a service to measure the popularity of tweets.
Takako Kansai’s blog[J]
The service named ReTweeter!, shows how many users could have read your tweets from number of your followers and ReTweets.
Features of ReTweeter! are;

  • You can check how many users can read your tweets (No. of followers and No. of followers of users ReTweeted your tweet)
  • You can check what is the latest tweet ReTweeted by many users
  • You can check who is the person most ReTweeted

At the top page, latest poular tweets are displayed. From the left top menu, you can check popular tweets, daily ranking for popular tweets, and ranking of popular twitter users.
You could aslo search popular tweets for a certain user (limited only for Japanse users now)
Ex: my popular tweets
Currently this service is showing only Japanese tweets, but Takako is planning to release English version soon.
There is also a similar service called Retweetist, developed and operated by Mike Sheetal who is the founder of the ad agency in Tokyo, UltraSuperNew. Retweetist looks more like a social news service and on the one hand, ReTweeter! is more feauring on users.
We would like to inform any updates when we can introduce English version for ReTweeter! .

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