23 Feet High T-Shirt For Tokyo Gundam Auctioned

Club T, one of the biggest online T-shirts seller (like threadless) in Japan, suggests 7 meters high T-shirt which fits the Odaiba real-sized Gundam statue.
The 7m x 4.7m T-shirt, which is designed to the real size Gundam, will be tailored and shipped after one month, though it fails to meet the end date of Gundam exibition, start with 300,000 yen (3,080 USD) as the lowest bid price.
As we reported before, photo right with the Odaiba Gundam was sold by 26,000 USD recently. The buyer Tatsuhiro Minobe’s video report costed 26,000 USD from Gundam’s shoulder (actually he could not get on the shoulder but the shoulder level) can be watched here.

There are definitely people who are glad to pay a lot for anything Gundam related. Well, is this T-shirt really related? There are no bidder appeared yet and the auction will end in 7 days on August 18th.
via IDEA*IDEA Thanks for suggesting us to write this @taguchi.

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