Drecom To Quit Job Board Service

Drecom, once was a college-venture star IPO-ed, recently financially helped by Rakuten, announced that they would shut down their job board service “Drecom Job Board” at the end of August, 2009.
Job Board services is not greatly doing in Japanese web, as the top player is going to stop it. Some popular IT bloggers such like 100shiki [J] and Moongift [J] have their own, but seems not big. Joblet by ThePlant, which is bilingual and handles more foreign and foreign-related companies may be an alternative choice, but the concept of “job board” itself seems not so widely known to Japanese.
People seems to prefer agent service both on the web and off-line. I must point out that there are also no counterpart of Craigslist in Japan.
I guess this is because Japanese people culturally tend to avoid negotiation and confrontation between individual-to-individual/company. This will and should be gradually changing to the direction of the world average, but it might take time.
via Drk7jp [J]

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