Twitter Events Maelstorm Hitting Tokyo

Although the growth is not high as in English, twitter has been beloved by Japanese users even before its localization, and probably approaching to the critical mas. Many twitter related events (some are with Tumblr) have been and will be held recently in Tokyo.
Even though Tokyo is the one of the most dense and active cities for IT/Web community events in the world, a big wave seems to be coming in Japanese web. Last time when I saw this kind of events rush was few years ago on Second Life (Touch Wood!).
# all event pages are in Japanese
Tumblr/Twitter offline party at Roppongi
twitter night vol.2 by Toshiaki Kanda (Kanda News Network)
Workshop – think twitter and politics
Masahiko Shoji, Fumi Yamazaki, Daisuke Tsuda
Official Event – talk with people from Twitter(USA)
Twitter and Tumblr – talking geekish communication deeply
(site is not opened yet, will update soon)

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