Sony Makes Mashup Screensaver for Blue-Ray Recorder Promotion

As a part of their blue-ray disc recorder promotion, Sony gives away Windows/Mac screen saver on their site.
After pressing “download” button, you have to scroll down the terms of use to the end to make the second download buttons enabled.
Association with the recorder having an ability to find programmes by user-registered keywords and record them into disc-s (it itself is nothing in Japan as well, just in case), the screensaver accepts a keyword and show the related texts and images in several different ways with music.
After installation, when screen saver is on, you may type a keyword to let it work. I tested it with the recent Japanese tumblr meme “Noma-san Douzo”(Enjoy Mr. Noma).
As it is noted, Yahoo! Japan Search API and YouTube API are used for this. English words may show a little bit different results from what you see on Google and then.

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