Eva-Phone Confirmed To Produce Additional Lots

Evangelion: 2.0
NTT DoCoMo announced it would introduce a new model cellphone handset[J] featuring a new animation film, EVANGELION: 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE[J] which is scheduled to be released at cinemas in late June.
All of 20,000 lots reserved for advance orders were completely sold out as few as in five hours just after DoCoMo had started on June 5th at 10a.m. to receive orders at its store chains located nationwide. But an extremely high popularity caused heavy load to the centralized system processing advance orders, and some users do not seem to have been confirmed to apply, which forced the company to switch processing onto paper form basis.
As of closing advance orders at 3pm on that day, the number of orders exceeded 20,000 reserved lots, which was actually 27,500, NTT DoCoMo negotiated with the film’s author[J] to ask for the approval of additional production.
Consumer electronic retail chains have another 10,000 reserved lots, meaning in total, 37,500 lots of Eva-phone will be deployed in Japanese market this summer.
The new film’s trailor on YouTube:

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