My Time for Sale: Ex-web Designer Girl Exposes Her 24/7 On The Web

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Rie Tomimoto(冨本梨恵) is Jibunya 24[J], where she sells her time, does anything her clients ask excluding some exceptions, and blog what she does mostly everyday. She is a 33-year-old ex-web designer, and lives in the west suburban city of Tokyo. Unlike Chen Xiao(陈潇)[C] who does the similar things in Beijing, Rie runs the website not for making her living, but for sharing joys with her friends and other bloggers.
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Rie‘s website is a mash-up of popular web2.0 services including Flickr, Twitter, Google Map and Google Calendar, and it shows you where and what she is doing, and also allows you to check up her availability in coming days if you ask her something.
She hopes her this activity help self-employed people to find more efficient way to use their free times for earning money, who often perplex to their workload deflection and want to equalize it.
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