Ichitaro Inventor, Just Systems To Be Subsidiary of The Osaka-Based Sensor Company

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The Japanese word processing software pioneer, Just Systems announced today it would increase the capital by allocating new shares to the Osaka-based sensor manufacturer Keyence Corporation.   Keyence plans to buy 43.96% stake in Just Systems, and it worths USD45M.
After a full chase with the other word processing softwares like Microsoft Word, Just Systems’ money-making product Ichitaro could no longer keep its sales trend, and the company were forced to develop many kinds of new business, new softwares and new services.   Unfortunately, no attempt has grown up enough to save the company.
According to the company’s report for the latest fiscal period, Just Systems generates USD1.42B revenue, USD11M net loss, USD14M operating loss and USD11M ordinary loss.
Just Systems was founded in 1996 by Mr. & Mrs. Ukigawa.   It has been considered as the herald of Japanese IT ventures, and is listed on Jasdaq Securities Exchange.
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