Mixi holds “mixi Appli Conference” on April 23rd

Mixi holds “mixi Appli Conference 2009” [JP] to promote their new app service on April 23rd in Shinagawa, Tokyo.
Speakers are:

  • Kenji Kasahara, CEO of Mixi Inc.
  • Akinori Harada, VP, Mixi Division, of Mixi Inc.
  • Koichiro Tsujino, President of Google Japan.
  • Makoto Asanuma, VP of Namco Bandai Games Inc.
  • Minoru Kimura, Head of Media Technology Labs at Recruit Co., Ltd.
  • Jia Shen, CTO and Founder of RockYou, Inc.

Mixi has already disclosed their app service API for companies under the NDA from November 2008.
In early April, they will launch a beta version of Mixi Appli. Also they will release the API for personal developers too.

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