Mixi Bans Their Users From Dating

Social network service Mixi banned users from dating.
Mixi changed their terms of policy on December 1st, in accordance with the “Dating site regulation act”. They are now prohibiting users from “using Mixi mainly to meet with strangers of the other sex”.
Recently, Mixi has deleted many groups which hold group dating or offline meetings.
The decision might also have been influenced by the recent lowering of the minimum age limit for users from 18 to 15.  To be certified as a  “safe site” which can be used by minors from a cellphone without filtering, they had to delete all dating groups from the site.
Japan has already been suffering from very low birth rate, but the National Police Agency wants Japanese to refrain from dating. Very very silly. Is it constitutional to restrict people from dating online?
via J-CAST [JP]

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  1. You can check it by yourself when you search on Mixi by “出会い”(meet-up). There are many of communities banned, which even includes like “let’s meet up at ***-prefecture users”.
    Services like Meetup.com and Upcomings cannot survive in Japan, as far as the service wants to escape from mobile filtering service.

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