KAYAC sells their 88 websites

Kayac, a web development and consulting service in Kanagawa, announced that they sell 88 web services they created last year.
Kayac, which often addresses themselves as “Omoshiro Houjin Kayac”, which means “Funny Corporation Kayac” in Japanese, is known as an unique web development company. Some of their weird topics are;

  • locating at the old capital Kamakura, which is a bit far from Tokyo, not supposed as an advantage for IT company
  • some allowance decided by dice every month
  • free address, including seaside playing base
  • free working time
  • paid holiday for lost love

The representative director, Daisuke Yanagisawa, wrote 2 books about Kayac’s management/organization and a book about how the company is unique.

“Kono Shasoku, Kouka Ari.”(This Rule Worked.)

“Omoshiro Houjin Kayac Kaisha An’nai”(Company Guidebook for Funny-Corporation Kayac)

Another exective appears on this parody widget of the award-winning popular blog-widget Uniqlock.

Award-winning Uniclock parody featuring Kayac COO
Award-winning Uniclock parody featuring Kayac COO (click the image to jump)

Their main sales seems to come from consulting, but company encourages their employees to design, develop and release small web services.

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