Netprint turns the nearest convenience store to your printer

Netprint is an Internet priting service which enables users to print their files through Internet to Seven-eleven convenience store’s printer. Fuji Xerox is providing the service nationwide in Japan.
You can upload a PDF, Excel, JPEG files to their server. They will give you a number. Then you can get a print by entering a number to a printer at a Seven-eleven store.
Printing fee is 20yen (20cents) for an A4 black-and-white, and 200yen ($2) for an A3 full color print.
I’m using their service when I want a large print. However I’m not satisfied with a user interface and printing speed. If it’s easier to use and able to print an address label (or print to envelope), I’ll get rid of my printer.
Also, now they are providing an API to add printing feature to your web service. It’s kind of cool, if your gourmet site users can print a map or a discount coupon at a convenience store.

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