iPhone Abacus, old wine in a new bottle

Our iPong article was referred to from all over the globe, and that made us realize how hot a topic the iPhone and its application development is. So, today I introduce another iPhone (non-authorized) app by a Japanese developer, the iPhone Abacus.

Sorry for my ignorance, I do not know to what extent abaci are used worldwide in this modern computer era. In case it is not known in your region, an abacus is a hand calculating assistant tool originated in (I believe) China. In Japan, abacus is called “Soroban”. Its use is still taught to kids nationwide, as it is widely believed it empowers your mental arithmetic skill.
iPhone Abacus reproduces this abacus on the iPhone. With the motion sensor, you can reset the abacus and calculate by moving stones with your fingers over the touch panel. How funny to use the latest computing power to mimick a traditional manual calculation tool.
You can see how to use it here. The developer, Mr. Kako, kindly gave us a permission to show it here. Great implementation.

The application can be downloaded onto your iPhone. The source code is also available (the instruction says you need an unofficial build tool iPhone toolchain).

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Japanese girl doing abacus

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