Face Off: iPhone 3G and Japanese cellphones

iPhone 3G provided by Softbank on coming 11th July will be the first iPhone in Japan. Since Jobs’ announcement, there are bunch of Japanese medias and blogs have been discussing if iPhone 3G is worth buying.
To clarify how iPhone and the latest Japanese cellphones spec are different, Asiajin called for comments on what functionalities they have/want/use, to potential Japanese iPhone buyers on Comparison Chart site Narabe. Here is the result,

iPhone 3G and Japanese cellularphones comparison by Narabe
feature iPhone 3G All 2008 Cellphones Some 2008 Cellphones
Camera over 5M pixels
One-Seg recorder
Official sites access
Movie taking
Subscriber ID ?
Arrangeable exterior
Number of Native Apps
Fingerprint Authentication
Single-hand operation
Ringersong ?
Emoji(drawing letters)
Earthquake alert
Self-exchangeable battery
Remote Lock ?
Bell typing ?
Flash lite
FM transmitter
i-Tune Store
mp3 player
PC site access
QR Code
Safari browser
Mobile Wallet(Osaifu Ketai)
Decoration mail(Decome)
Data fixed rate
Push mail

This was originally asked in Japanese on Japanese version Narabete. Then, I copied the result of votes to the English version.
I initially set “All” and “Some” but “All” can have rare exceptional case, for example special model phones for kids or eldery. Most of “Yes”/”No” look correct but as it is “by polling” so some could be inaccurate.
If you have any features you cannot understand what they mean, please ask by comment.
[Disclosure] Narabe is run by Akky AKIMOTO.
[Update 2008.09.17] Thanks for digging this up. There are no “iTunes” and “Safari” on Japanese cellular phones, but of course those counterparts exist so with all cariiers you can enjoy music/movie download purchase and PC viewable browsers (“Full Browser”).

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