Cut Negative Keywords on Your Blog into Pieces: Kendo Magazine Blog Widget

Kendo is the Japanaese martial art of fencing.
A niche magazine for Kendo “Monthly Kendo Jidai (Age of Kendo)” has released a blog widget and made a shattering blow among Japanse blogsphere.
The latest issue of Kendo Jidai
Kendo Jidai
Kendo Magazine Official BLog Widget
Kendo Jidai Blog Widget
Once you set up this widget on your blog and push “Fight!” button, the samrai stands up and make a bow. Then he cuts a negative keyword in the blog article into pieces by the sword to smash your negative spirit.
The Samurai finds out a negative keyword and starts action…
Then cut the negative keyword into pieces….
Here is an English demonstration page to check with your own eyes.
Sample Weblog (English)
Terminate every negative keywords on your blog and reshape your spirt with this Samurai widget!

Thanks to idea*idea for suggesting us to write this in English.

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