Toughbook: Japan’s favorite notebook

Q: What is the favorite notebook brand with Japanese developers?
MacBook? maybe.
Vaio? no.
It’s Toughbook.
Toughbook business laptops are marketed with ‘Let’s note’ brand in Japan. This ultra-light notebook has a surprisingly large share amongst Japanese developers. If you are looking for light (940g~1.5kg. 2lbs~3.3lbs), tough (water resistant) and long battery life (>6hours) notebook, it’s the answer.
Well. Why Toughbook? Japanese people tend to move with public transport. So, heavy notebooks are real pain. I think it’s a very good choice for every Asian people, especially for women.
Probably they should use another brand name than ‘Toughbook’. They should have read Al Ries.
Coincidentally, Asiajin founders are using same made-to-order burgundy-red Toughbooks:)

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  1. Well, yes, I was so surprized when I saw you brought up the same colour, same type of Let’s note R from your bag when we discussed about Asiajin project launch at Shinjyuku. 🙂
    Let’s note allows you to customize its colour from over 10 selections only when you directly purchase it online via Panasonic website.
    Even though many web people love Let’s note, more than half of them have the default silver body. Our having the same colour ones was funny.

  2. Seriously the arguments here are rational.
    Please note that readers of your blog will misunderstand what you really mean. Be careful of your use of English.
    I wrote a comment in my blog.

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