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Nihon PHP User Kai(Japan PHP Users Group) is a community about PHP, open source script language and environment.
Japan PHP Users Group logo
It aims to,

  • contribute to the development of PHP
  • further research and share PHP related info
  • promote communication and technical exchange amongst PHP users

In order to make PHP more friendly to the Japanese Web Development community, some people from the group have been committing features to PHP (versions 3 through 6!) which has enabled PHP scripts to be written with Japanese encodings along with the ability to read and write data, as well. Because the these Multi-Byte encoding systems can be used with Korean, Chinese and other languages it is useful to other (Non-Japanese) communities, as well.
Along with new features to the language itself, another part of the group is working to keep the PHP manual well documented and localized in Japanese.
Planet PHP Japan is a one-stop blog aggregator that brings together group member weblogs who write about PHP in Japanese.
PHP Study meeting 29th
The 29th monthly PHP study meeting (2007-12-23, Tricorn meeting room, Yotsuya, Tokyo)There are no requirements to join the group, so please check the event calendar and/or the mailing-list.

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