User-made Twitter Client On Sony TV Bravia

Tvitter [J] is a Twitter client widget for Sony LCD Television Bravia.


Some of latest versions of Bravia support AppliCast platform, on which user can program their own original widgets.

Bravia user can go on her/his Bravia to this URL , install the widget, and check the latest tweets and post to twitter on your television in a living room. It seems only Japanese version is available with Japanese menu. If you want taste it, “No.0017” is the number of the application.

NicoNico Douga-like Twitter Widget NiTwPress

NiTwPress, NicoNico Douga flavoured Twitter client widget for WordPress, is made and released by (self-claimed) 17 years old girl sakuratan (Sakura Yamamoto) [J].


Different from twitter’s official blog widget, this widget display your tweets in flowing overlay texts, like Japanese favourite online video site NicoNico Douga.

There are many mashup services/tools which take this style of visualization in Japanese, showing people’s favour to NicoNico Douga and its style.

The widget is internationalized and works well in English, available on WordPress plugin site. If you show your tweets on your blog in Japanese favourite style, this is the one.

Web-Kare is bought by AQ Interactive


WebKare's Logo

LinkThink, a company known by its blog widgets and niche virtual boys dating social network Web-Kare, is bought by a game company AQ Interactive (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd section).

AQ Interactive bought 66.8% of LinkThink’s stock from its founder by 51,500,000 yen (510,000 USD).

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Samurai Weapon – Blog Destroyer Widget

[NB: Sound is on by default]

Samurai Weapon is a bilingual(Japanese/English) blog widget provided by a big Japanese game vendor Koei, as a promotion of their new Nintendo DS game “Kunitori Zunou Battle/Nobunaga no Yabou” (Strategic Battle/Nobunaga’s Ambition).

On the widget, Samurai Warrior with his full armors will get irritated by your mouse touch. He will slash your cursor by his sword.

If you keep bothering him, he will destroy the whole page on the browser with invoking random operations, flaming arrow, flooding, 3 times gun fire, and canon attack.

The widget itself seems to require big data download so broadband access may be better to let him barsark.

Niconico Douga SP1 and its expanding reach

Niconico Douga Logo (SP1)

Niwango hold a press conference about its Niconico Douga‘s update release “SP1” (upgraded from “RC2”) on March 5th 13:00 (JST).

Niconico Douga Press Conference 2008-03-05

Current statistics of Niconico Douga provided by director Seiji Sugimoto:

  • 5.6 million registered users
  • 1.14 million of users using cellularphone version
  • 189 thousands paid users
  • listed on NTT Docomo’s i-mode official site
  • Ads sale in Feb 2008: 32 million yen
  • Sales from Niconico Ichiba(market) in Feb: 86 million yen
  • Copyright holder partners: 38 companies
  • under discussion with JASRAC

Niconico Douga has 5.6 million users

New features by Hiroyuki Nishimura:

  • Niconico Movie Maker free tool given out to encourage potential movie creators
  • H.264 support
  • Top page design renewal
  • My profile page added
  • Provides widget to other blog service providers and social networking services, starting with livedoor blog, Hatena Diary, So-net blog and trunc
  • Mini-games on movies with score ranking
  • Enhanced “Nico-script” for clickable link, comment-suppression, poll functions on top of current jump function, on March 13th
  • Niconico News Maker : CGM news, in April
  • Niconico Dai Hyakka : CGM encyclopedia, in April

President Hiroshi Kobayashi talked that their Niconico Douga business is still in red, but improving supported by advertisement/affiliate. They haven’t touched mobile version ads yet so it is being planned toward profitable.

Japanese geek’s portal Hatena announced its joining hands with Niconico Douga by allowing new embeddable Niconico-Douga-video widget on its diary(blog) service. (You may see kitten video with Niconico-comments without Niconico-account on the annonunce page)

[update 2008-03-19] Vox supports Niconico Douga Widget. As Vox is an international service, now it is possible to show Niconico Douga widgets in non-Japanese blog.

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Photo by shike@current. Thanks.