Japan’s National Election with Vocaloid

Upper house election finished tonight 20:00 Sunday, July 21. This time, the use of the Internet was allowed first time in history. So far, there are no prominent Internet using candidate reported though.

Another small difference which some people noticed this time is the usage of Vocaloid, human-voice music synthesizer software which might be best known by its top virtual character Hatsune Miku.

One candidate of Democratic party were tweeted by using Vocaloid to blast his name around Tokyo.

“There is someone using vocaloid for election voice. In Omote-Sando.”

It was retweeted by some including Takafumi Horie. Tweets were more or less favorable to the idea itself, like saying that Vocaloid’s voices might be popular for young generation, but most people carefully avoid mentioning the candidate’s name and his political party.

I tried to seek if anyone took the video and uploaded, but found nothing.

This communist candidate in Hokkaido also used Vocaloid to speech on election van. Speech by Vocaloid starts at 00:09.

Fan’s Made Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku Concert “At Home”

As Google evangelized that Hatsune Miku is an user-generated phenomenon, not just a girl’s voice synthesizer application. Then, all of her characters, song, voice and dances at concerts may not be a possessions of officials. Fans are trying to reproduce her concerts in their rooms.

YouTube user aokikc used a mosquito screen as a substitute for expensive DILAD screen.

39diyMMDConcert from US reproduced her Mikunopolis concert in Los Angels.

To let her dance, they use MMD(Miku Miku Dance).

Spain Joins Vocaloid Fever

Probably you know about Vocaloid, one of the most advanced voice synthesizers apps. Hatsune Miku, a huge successful Japanese virtual idol, was created using this software.

What you may not know is the Vocaloid software itself, which is a Yamaha Corporation trademark, was developed in a joint research with the Pompeu Fabra University of Spain. Maybe because of that, to find a Spanish company developing two new vocaloid artist is not that surprising. Their names are Bruno and Clara, and they are a creation of a company called VoctroLabs.

Bruno y Clara - Vocaloid

Following this link you will find one of their songs; quite “latino” style. They generated a lot of expectation, seeing the +23.000 views of this video; but what almost everybody agrees is the design is not best. Let’s see if VoctroLabs is able to bring this product in the correct direction.

From december of this year, these vocaloid voices will be available for your own creations (if you know Spanish, of course). They will make the announcement at their blog.

Lawson Makes Its Character Girl Be Vocaloid

Japan’s 2nd biggest convenience chain-store Lawson makes its image character girl ‘Akiko-chan’ transformed to Vocaloid, Yamaha’s artificial voice synthesizer brand well-known by used for a popular virtual singer Hatsune Miku.

The official Lawson-channel [J] is made on Nico Nico Douga.

via ITMedia

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