Lion Introduces Restroom Finder For Students To Have Exams W/O Worrying About Diarrhea

In the days from January to March, it is very hard time for high school graduates and prep-school students because of taking entrance exams for universities/colleges of their choices.   They are always nervous.  Not a few of the students suffer from diarrhea before the exams.  Poor thing.

Lion Corporation, a 220 year-old sanitary and pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Tokyo, has introduced the iPhone app that allows you to find a nearest restroom at the exam venues whenever you want to take a shit.   This is a promotion of their medicine for diarrhea.

The iPhone app, which is named @Toilet College, shows you a location map of restrooms by entering the name of college/university or by the GPS detecting and helps you concentrate on the exams.   Furthermore, the company set up a virtual shrine for praying for preventing diarrhea[J] on the promotion website. Students are leaving a bunch of posts for their luck for passing exams without experiencing diarrhea during the time, and those will be delivered to a real shrine in Kyoto that has been known for having the god of curing stomachaches.

Fake Toilet Flushing Sound Keychain Meets Characters


Japanese women are known to feel ashamed even by their sound of peeing listened by other buddies. Portable noise maker Eco Hime (= ecological princess), which saves you when you are in the public bathroom accidentally does not have the built-in noise generator, are now visually improved as well with popular characters.

The characters are, Mickey and Minny, Winny the Poo, Stich, Tinkerbell, Cheshire Cat, Alien, Betty Boop, Elmo, Hello Kitty, Gachapin and Rody. It’s more fun to keep with youself.

These fake noise generator will refrain Japanese ladies from spending averagely 1-2 times of extra flush each time, which becomes 2,000-4,000 litres (500-1,000 gallons) in one month, as they say.