Dwango Enters Engineer Hiring Race With OSS Community Grant

Following to the 20 million users social gaming networks Gree and DeNA’s hiring competition with over $20,000 rewards for engineers beginning 4 days ago, Dwango [J] (Asiajin), who has much longer history on Japanese cellphone game, also known by their Japanese YouTube counter movie community Nico Nico Douga [J] (Asiajin), announced their new rewards plan to their newly hiring engineers [J].

On the program, it is the same that Dwango will pay fair amount of cash, 1,262,500 yen ($14,700) to engineers who applies directly (i.e. not via agents). On top of that, Dwango will donate the same amount of grant to an organization such like open source community or volunteer organization which the hired engineers direct.

The sum of those two rewards will become 2,525,000 yen ($30,000), which number can be read as “Nico Nico” in Japanese.

According to Gadget Tsushin [J], the rewards program was made out of discussion over Twitter conversation among Dwango R&D Director Yuji Chino, a board member Takeshi Natsuno (the father of i-mode) and Niwango (Dwango’s subsidiary for Nico Nico Douga) board Hiroyuki Nishimura, also known as mega bbs 2-channel founder.

Pankaku Welcomes i-mode’s Father As New Adviser

Tokyo-based smartphone app developer Pankaku[J] announced Mr. Takeshi Natsuno became the company’s adviser today. He started his career in this industry as the vice president for Japan’s first ad-based free ISP HyperNet, then joined NTT DoCoMo and invented the country’s first cellphone web-browsing platform i-mode. He is currently serving managing director for cellphone ringtone distributor Dwango[J] and the professor of Keio University.

Pankaku allocated new shares to their employees, Mr. Natsuno, Japan’s largest telco’s financial arm NTT Finance and system integrator Image Information Inc.[J] Pankaku has not disclosed how much shares have been newly issued. They are devoting themselves to launching a social app platform for smartphones called Pankia[J] and working on establishing more business partnerships with mobile app developers and game developers in Asian countries.

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