Yahoo! Japan To Move Its Office From Roppongi To Kioi-cho

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Yahoo! Japan, the nation’s largest web service company, announced[J] today June 19 that it will migrate its office to a new office/hotel building which has been being constructed at where Akasaka Prince Hotel was there before.

Its expanding business seems to make it require more space. The new Yahoo! Japan office starting from May 2016 will occupy 20 floors among 24 office floors in the total 38 story building.

Roppongi is one of the most favored place by Web companies and start-ups in Tokyo. And the one reason is definitely because Yahoo! Japan is in Roppongi Mid-town. Although the move is planned 2 years in future, this may affect other web companies office planning under and around the Yahoo’s eco-system.

The new location is about 2 kilometer north, between the Imperial palace and Crown Prince’s Palace. It is across the street from Hotel New Otani Tokyo.

Yahoo! Japan To Move Its Office From Roppongi To Kioi-cho

Nicofarre – Nico Nico Douga To Reincarnate Legendary Roppongi Disco

Nico Nico Douga, Japanese online movie sharing service which differentiates itself against YouTube with comments overlay-display, announced some news [J] at its first user conference in oversea, Taipei, Taiwan [zh].

One of the news is that Nico Nico Douga is planning to open a nightclub with 5 huge LED wallscreens with projecting its movies and user comments, named “Nicofarre” at Roppogi in July.

The name “Nicofarre” easily reminds Japanese people a nightclub “Velfarre”, which was the Asian largest when opened in 1994, closed at the end of 2006. The new Nicofarre will use the exact same building where Velfarre was.

The teaser site has a movie. Someone copied onto YouTube,

Nicofarre might be a new tourist place where you can experience latest culture on Japanese web from this summer.

WISH2010 Event Report – 15 Presenters And The Winner


After the panel of three key persons in Japanese social networks, there were 15 presenters demo, 10 from organizers’ choice and 5 fans’ vote out of 32 nominees.


A Twitter analysis tool by UserLocal, who provides web traffic analysis services (Nakanohito for PC, Ugokuhito for Japanese feature phone and UserInsight for enterprise). (from fan’s vote)


The first and only Japanese CSS3 Webfonts service supports over 250 fonts. All IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari are available. Freemium model (you will be asked to pay for multiple websites)



A social translation service supports 47 languages by Anydoor (Asiajin). Your requesting texts will be translated by three different users to keep the quality.

(from fan’s vote) [English available]


A publishing platform for e-books, integrated with their successful book inventory service Bukulog.


A category social network for patients and their families.



A library websites aggregation and search service. Most Japanese libraries (over 5,000) are covered. Alerting when your wishing books are available at libraries you listed.


A social lending service which enables semi-direct lend-and-borrow Yen. [info in English]



a community for creating crowdsourced novels with Twitter account. (from fan’s vote) [English available]


A recording server to save all teresttrial TV channels for 24 hours over for one month. All recorded programs are tagged by using sub data and you may search and watch them remotely on iPhone/iPad/PC/Android.


An iPhone app pulishing system to make iPhone version groumet e-books from current printed magazines. (from fan’s vote)



An online realtime collaboration drawing tool. The English version is getting over 30,000 users from oversea, which is more than Japanese users. [English available]


A Twitter-based content aggregation site. Many users listed, edited and emphasized public discussion threads from Twitter. About 5 million page views per month. (from fan’s vote)


A “social camera” maker announced their coming new device “Cerevo Ustream Box” (tentative name), which sends any input from video line to Ustream.


A community site on where shoppers voice will be reflected to the next products bags and accessaries an online shop for self-designed PC bags and cases



A Possible Foursquare’s Japanese rival by Livedoor. Oriented to non-verbal social communication. Began with iPhone. Just released Japanese feature phones (3 carriers) and Android.


Sponsor’s session – PFU ScanSnap

ScanSnap is a commercial version of their world’s No.1 share enterprise scanner.

Recently many Japanese geeks scan their paper books/mangas, most case their report uses ScanSnap.

@kohmi’s Concert

A popular singer-songwriter Kohmi Hirose, @kohmi, who difinitely spread Twitter to non-geek people since her beginning Twitter last year, came to sing two of her songs for 550 attendees.


Prizes from contestant judge

AMN Awards – Garapon TV

Open Network Labs Awards – Orihime

TechWave Awards – Togetter

TechCrunch Japan Awards – Conyac

Impress Watch Awards – Cacoo Awards – Paboo Awards – Calil

Nikkei Digital Version Awards – Cerevo’s new gadget

The WISH 2010 Grand Prix

And the winner is… Paboo!


Gree CEO Tanaka commented that Paboo can be a platform service like Nico Nico Douga, which he values highly, and (of course) Gree.

Afterparty and WISH mascot character WISH-tan

Google Japan Reported To Migrates To Roppongi Hills

Nikkei Fudousan Market Info (fudousan = real estate) reported [J, magazine subscription required] that Google Japan plans to move their office from Shibuya Cerulean Tower to Roppongi Hills (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower).

Roppongi Hills once was a Japan’s centre of emerging Internet ventures. However, Yahoo! Japan moved to the newer office complex Tokyo Mid-town in the same Roppongi area, Rakuten moved out to Shinagawa, and damaged Livedoor via Akasaka to Shinjyuku.

A Tokyo-based ads agency Findstar inquired Google Japan and got a reply, “Date of an official announcement for our office move has not been fixed.”